Pay Per Click Advertising:

Websites Express professionally manages pay per click advertising campaigns for the most powerful search engines on the Internet including: Yahoo!, MSN, Lycos, AltaVista, Netscape, InfoSpace, and 1000's of other search engines. The best part about pay-per-click advertising is that you only pay when a prospect actually visits your website. 

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

The major search engines listed above, who combined reach over 80% of all Internet users, now generate revenue by auctioning off their top search listings to the highest bidding advertiser for each search term relevant to their business.

Websites Express helps you maximize your websites exposure by establishing you a pay-per-click account and training you on how to manage the auctioning/bidding process which will guarantee your website top 5 placement in all the search engines listed above. Your company link will appear in the "Sponsorship Matches" section. See below for demonstration:

Setting up a Pay-Per-Click account cost $495 one-time and includes the following:

We Establish your search engine account:
We establish your pay-per-click advertising account with the search engine network. This includes all billing information, company and contact information as well as determining what are the best categories for your business listing to appear. 

Expert Industry Research:
We research what the highest yielding search terms were the previous month by businesses in your industry. This helps us determine the best search terms for your company based on their good and bad experiences with specific search terms. This is an important step to having a successful campaign. Because having ambiguous or innacurate search terms for your business will lead to you spending money on unqualified click-throughs.

Professionally Developed Titles and Descriptions
Based on our industry research we will then generate the best 25 search terms that will give you maximum targeted click-throughs for your website. We then write all of your Keywords, Titles and Descriptions for each of the 25 selected search terms. This can be a complicated process. The number one mistake made by advertisers is not knowing how to develop proper titles and descriptions for maximum exposure. It takes a great deal of understanding about how search engine click trough's actually work. Our experienced advertisement writers develop customized titles and descriptions for your website in order to attract qualified leads. 

Training session with Experienced Account Manager:
After your account is setup we provide you with a one hour training session on how to manage the bidding process. All of the bidding is done online via an interface which we will provide you. You will then be able to bid to have your website in the top 5 placement of the search engine results. You will also be able to set the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click-through (or visitor) to your website. The bidding will require monitoring, management and some tweaking each day to obtain the best results. OPTIONAL: If your schedule does not permit you the time to monitor the bidding process a Websites Express account manger can be assigned to manage your bidding process monthly for a service fee of $100. 

*NOTE: The search engines require an initial $100 deposit to cover the cost of your first click-through campaign. You can add more money to your account at anytime depending on how many visitors you want to have to your website. For example, if your average cost per click bid is $0.20, you will receive 500 targeted visitors to your Web site before your $100.00 deposit runs out. This initial $100 deposit is not included in your $495 set up fee. 


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